Capitalism has created wealth and material convenience unprecedented in human history, but it is a system with innate and immense qualitative failures.  

We have constructed a world of bountiful wealth, power and information. Yet this is a world that can be destroyed by one push of a nuclear button, a world imminently threatened by a climate apocalypse, and a world of devastating inequalities.

Within the everyday, our communication infrastructures are developing at a rapid rate. Yet, an epidemic of loneliness plagues the population. Our expansive scientific knowledge is exploited to addict us to commodities that are detrimental to our physical and psychological well-being. We have a vast array of leisure activities available at our fingertips, yet we have become passive receptacles of a homogenised culture industry and active participants in its reinforcement.

This is absurd – technological rationality has produced an irrational reality.  

In order to counteract this prevailing ideology, it is necessary to break free from the confines of traditionally specialised disciplines. This requires a critical and creative multidisciplinary approach. So, we have created The Junction – a space to critique the dominant ideology of our time, evaluate its hold on everyday life and consider alternative possibilities.

Freddie Stuart + Aaron White