An ode to The Junction

Then out spoke the new horizon,

the guide of those in trouble:

“to every man upon this land

the future do doth bubble.

And what is much more worthy

than spending time with me,

as we seek to find the answers

The Junction sets us free.


And for all those in peril,

in need of helping hand,

and for all those set back

by others who are grand,

and for all the holy relics

of a long forgotten line

the future it is coming

and the future it is fine.


Change the lights Mr President,

with all the speed you may

I, with friends a present,

will drive the world away.

With history set against us

we shall set the path,

now who shall stand on either hand

and choose the aftermath?”


Freddie Stuart.


This is a poem I wrote on the day we decided to create this website. Before I get any complaints it is an adaptation of Macaulay’s Lays of Ancient Rome, one of my favourite poems!

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