6th Mass Extinction

In what has been called the ‘6th Mass Extinction‘, we are currently living through a period in which overpopulation, exhaustive consumption patterns, and global warming are leading to ‘biological annihilation’.

There have been five other mass extinctions:

  • End-Ordovician, 443 million years ago
  • Late Devonian, 360 million years ago
  • Permian-Triassic, 250 million years go
  • Triassic-Jurassic, 200 million years ago
  • Cretaceous-Tertiary, 65 million years ago

Small mammals, most notably rats, took advantage of the last extinction and eventually evolved into us homo-sapiens. If human civilization is to be included in the now named Holocene extinction, which form of life will sprout to dominate the planet?

Life will eventually return and flourish, we humans, might not.


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