Quality and Priority

In every walk of life it is important to complete tasks to a high standard, but it is equally important to complete the right tasks.

Similarly, it is important to use both of these measures to critique aspects of life on both the macro and the micro scale.

In journalism for instance, it is important to critique not only the quality of our news but the decision to prioritise certain stories, and to ignore others.

On a more personal level, it is most likely pointless to colour my dining room wall with felt-tip pens, no matter how perfectly within the lines I stay. Likewise, writing an indefensible dissertation thesis on the one true purpose of all humanity is equally impractical.

Although these examples are relatively absurd, I do find this beneficial advice when seeking a path of self-improvement.  In my personal experience I have recently been following a system coined the ‘Eisenhower Matrix’.

The key benefit of organising your life in this matrix is that you realise what is really important to you. A simple merit but one too often spurned. For example, in my experience, many people will clean their room when they have many more important tasks to do, but will not when they are readily available. I like to call this ‘productive procrastination’. By sorting my to-do list into these categories, and completing them in the order listed above, I have found myself to be prioritising far more efficiently.

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