Revolutionary Hip-Hop

“They got a new housing plan for the ghetto eventually, projects for a New American century, false-flag terrorism controlling you mentally, the gospel in the hands of people with no empathy, a mixture of dangerous social chemistry, between law enforcement and a military entity. Cameras on a corner of every corner you’re facing, testing out a future Gestapo on immigration. Power consolidation, information restricted, just like the iron law of oligarchy predicted. Incarcerating the poor among the drug addicted, but not the families of the ruling class that’s afflicted, because it’s a fucking caste system like corrupted Hinduism. I think you should listen, I’ve been to the system, I’ve been through prison, I carry the cross as a Christian for antidisestablishmentarianism, until the seeds of despotism arrested my vision, lyricism with cynicism and syllogisms, until they Pedro Albizu Campos and kill me in prison, chem trail conditions, stem cells of Leo Strauss’s philosophy, the birth of neo-con policy, but I laugh at America’s fear of a New World Order controlling the hemisphere, because my people been living that shit for the past 500 years.”

-Immortal Technique


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