The Everyday Philosopher


“The philosopher will not find it any easier than anyone else to alter his attitudes and way of life”

“At the very least, though, one can make a start. The philosopher who does so will have to sacrifice some of the benefits of the consumer society, but he can find compensation in the satisfaction of a way of life in which theory and practice, if not yet in harmony, are at least coming together”

РPeter Singer: Famine, Affluence and Morality 

These quotes from the conclusion of Peter Singers’ 1972 work Famine, Affluence and Morality detail his concerns with the state of modern society.

Singer cites the contemporary famine and suffering in East Bengal, noting the ease in which this could be prevented by a simple acknowledgement of the moral compulsion to provide humanitarian aid.

In 2018 similar situations are still evident every day all around the world.

The absurdity of this is pretty mind-boggling, but it is difficult to break the self-incentivising cycle of apathy.

The solution however, must begin somewhere. Singer asks that the everyday philosophers of the world attempt to break this cycle, forgo the conveniences of consumerism, and lead the way on the path to a world of true humanitarianism.

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