Money is Time

I’ve always thought the phrase ‘time is money’ is a bit of a stupid one to be honest.

Why would time be money? The common understanding seems to be that in the time that you have, you can make money, so don’t be wasting that time doing something else because you could be making money in it.

Surely a better phrase would be ‘money is time’. After all, isn’t time more precious?

I don’t remember the last time I found 5 minutes down the back of my sofa, or went to the bank and borrowed a couple of years.

True, money can make you happy, but isn’t that because it buys you time?

If you use your money to liberate you from unenjoyable activities, you are free to use your time in the pursuit of happiness, whether that be in work of your own choice, or another activity.

Money then, is the means to an end of freedom, freedom to choose the subject of your time.



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