Tomorrow’s Glory

Tomorrow I will post something spectacular, it’s going to be a lovely day.

Update from ‘tomorrow’:

As Bill Withers predicted, the weather today is certainly lovely.

Yet, as I sit inside Senate House Library, reading sections of Vaclav Havel’s Letters to Olga, a series of letters that he wrote to his wife from prison between 1979-1983, I have been taken by how lucky I am to be surrounded by such an incredible body of information. Whether it be the multiple floors filled with books, the British Museum only a couple minutes away, and the screen that I am typing on that can answer nearly any question I have – I am truly privileged to have the time, safety, and support to spend these days reading, writing, and constantly learning.

Havel, even in his prison cell, with limited access to books, sunlight, and suitable writing instruments (he continuously asked his wife to send him ballpoint pens), maintained his drive to continue learning and fulfill his creative potential.

While we have written quite a bit on the dangers of technological development (in terms of both psychological well-being, and state sponsored terror or censorship) it is important to take a step back, and be thankful for the unprecedented quantity of information that we have access to and the creative mediums at our disposal that other curious figures in history and currently in the world today did and do not have at their disposal.


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