6. Can the European Union be Reformed?


In our sixth episode of The Special Relationship we discuss whether or not the European Union can be reformed. We begin with a brief word from journalist Paul Mason, and then Freddie and Aaron are joined from Paris by Timo Stibbe to debate his recent Junction column.

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We record The Special Relationship between London and New York, so apologies in advance for any technical blips!

This podcast is still a work in progress. If you have any feedback or if you would like to contribute to the show please don’t hesitate to get in touch at thejunctionspace@gmail.com

Image Courtesy of Aaron White 

2 thoughts on “6. Can the European Union be Reformed?

  1. marcstevenwhite

    very engaging. to limit the EU to currency and whatever else their bylaws state presents conumdrums. Of course trade on many levels created and links the EU which seems to be in its toddler stage. Just look at the struggles here in america this 350 year old democratic federal constitutional republic.
    I remember growing up questioning what europe was, why it was considered a continent on its own. One can that Europe is an offshoot of roman and post roman empire and “indigenous peoples” response to it.
    In the end the answer is in multidisciplinary approach.

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  2. marcstevenwhite

    How much has brexit been a wag the dog and pony show- with the doggy trying to jump off. after all history does show that britain ala u.k. has made many perplexing decisions involving enrichments involving socioethnicities throughout its +two thousand year existence.
    The big elephant in the room is the smart but putrid Putin’ russia


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