The History of a Generation

“When the true history of our generation has been written . . . the tale will not be told in the terms of the tawdry and conflicting interests about which politicians quarrelled in the periods between the wars or of the small ambitions and the small achievements of which they thought. It will be written in terms of great world movements and the movement from international anarchy to order, from meaningless chaos and division to conscious and intelligent cooperation. It will be written in terms of the growth of those permanent international, political institutions through which that new order and new co-operation will be evolved, and across the pages of that story the names of the League of Nations and its leaders with their successes and failures will be written large. Our work is not ended. It has only just begun.”

 Mr. P. J. Noel-Baker, United Kingdom. 

From the last session of the League of Nations, 8-18 APRIL, 1946.



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